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About Tuk Tours
We are Tuk and Martin, the two of us have always had a dream to establish a travel agency with a strong focus on service and our guests.That dream has come true now and we are doing our very best to make your holiday the best you have ever had.
Tuk Tours is currently working to give you the best experience possible when you visit Thailand. We can help with everything from Airline ticketing to hotels, arrange local tours and renting cars etc. All tailored to how you wish to spend your holiday.
When you want to visit Thailand (and this is not just limited to Hua Hin), please feel free to use the homepage to contact us so that we can assist you in planning your holiday. 
It is ALWAYS free to get a quote for your requirements!!  We look forward to assisting you.

Warm wishes

Martin & Tuk

Martin Kaiser-Nielsen
Managing Director

Martin is one of the founders of Tuk Tours, and you will usually get his answers when you contact Tuk Tours.

Martin is born and raised in Denmark. And started as a child and family guide on the Canary island. This was where Martin got his basic "training" in the many different tasks in tourism.

After about 8 months on Grand Canaria Martin continued his work in Thailand. And for the next 5 years, Martin spent almost of the time doing roundtrips for Danish guests. He visited many countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and last but not least China.

In September 2005 Martin opened his new office together with his wife "Tuk". The office therefore is named "Tuk Tours". Today Martin spends all his time and energy on serving and servicing the tourist visiting Thailand. Together with his staff Martin is using his experience to tailor trips after the special wishes for every guest.

Many have heard Martin say "noting is impossible! Just a matter of the price, but lets has a look...." or "I can not promise to be the cheapest but give me a chance to give an offer then you can choose who you want to use..."

Martin is always ready for a chat if you swing by the office in Hua Hin, so please come by!!

Tuk Konahan
Office and reservation manager

Tuk has been visiting Denmark many times. She loves the climate ,people and not to forget the famous Danish food.
Her big dream is to retire to Denmark and "only" work in Thailand during the winter.Tuk is a licensed Tour-guide and spend some times in Europe so even though she is Thai and way of thinking is different and many times it is the same as Europeans..

In May 2002 many things happened to her life, on the way to Bangkok in a chartered taxi Tuk has a crash and broke her back. The following 3 weeks Tuk was paralized from the waist down, but slowly she has regained feeling and control of her lower body and today. She back to 60 % now still recovering though..

Tuk is working in the office every day, her responsibility is to take care for the office, and make sure that the bookings are taken care of.

Our Logo
Tour Tours HuaHin
Our Logo is made by a good friend of the family and is all we stand for, the palm in the middle is representing the tropics (and the "T" in the name", Tuk is the founders name, and Ours because that what the company is to us, Ours !!

The red line under the name is the red line in all we do, we always put in a lot of thought and consideration in to all our arragements to ensure a good experience...

Our transportation

transport to hua hin

We can if you want arrange transportation from one destination to another, or on the different tours and trips, the minivans we use is the same type as this one with aircondition and with good experience drivers...