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pattaya thailand

Meaning the south-west monsoon wind and correctly pronounced "Pat -ta-yah" not "Pat-eye-yah" this lively destination located roughly 150 kilometers from Bangkok ranks as one of the most successful beach resorts in the world. Each year a million and a half visitors enjoy its myriad attractions, and the number keeps growing.
Although frequently criticized for its spicy nightlife, it satisfies the needs of leisure travelers in a way that few other destinations can match, anywhere. Pattaya tree-lined main beach extends for roughly 4 km., commencing at the Amari Orchid Resort (the quiet end) and terminating at South Pattaya "strip" in a crowded shopping area which is also home to most of the of the discos, and nightlife. A short taxi ride further south brings you to Jomtien beach, which is longer, less crowded, and a base for many water sports.

Unlike Bangkok, Pattaya has no magical mystery hidden in aesthetic corners, and it makes no pretence of being anything more than what it is: - an unbeatable combination of essential, thoroughly satisfying holiday ingredients.